hello, my name is…..

WOW! It came out of nowhere. My pen was gliding along the page and only did what my hand was told by my mind to write…..

Every morning, okay most mornings, I start my day with turning some pages of whatever book I am reading at the time and doing a page of gratitude, #starttodayjournal. I start with 5 things that I am grateful for…. usually simple things, like coffee, flexible schedule, friends who keep me accountable, working in the shop with my sister, Kari. Then the page prompts you to write down how you see yourself in 10 years…. what goals have you accomplished…. dream BIG people!!!! So I usually put the obvious:

  • I own/run a successful business
  • I am an engaged & supportive girlfriend/sister/daughter
  • I am debt free
  • etc. etc. etc.

Then out of nowhere, my hand writes – I am sober – what the actual eff. I have absolutely nothing against sobriety. My dad is over 10 years sober and I can’t be more proud of him for that. I also know that over-consumption runs in my genetics, so I am very aware of how much I drink when I drink. When I have too much, I severely pay for it the next day, so I try my best to not cross that line. But I also soooo much love a thick, hearty bloody mary loaded with beef sticks, cheese, celery, pickles, olives, the works. Or a flight of amazing crafted IPAs served on a trendy platter – sign me up for that!

I have often thought of taking a month off, then movie night happens and, oh look, a bottle of wine, what’s the harm in 1 or 2 glasses?? Or friends come over and we pontoon around – gotta mix a drink, right?? Honestly, I think its because I just won’t have the willpower to pull it off. But with that being said, that is probably EXACTLY the reason I need to try right???

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject – drop me an email with your story!

~ cheers, lana