Losing Motivation?

5 steps to get back on track

It’s not a coincidence that I am writing about losing motivation – as I am living it at the moment. I have a whole slew of things on my to-do list and there IS A DEADLINE! But you know what…. I find myself wasting time on social media and watching ‘just one more’ Hart of Dixie on Netflix.

Whether you are needing encouragement to get off the couch and log a half hour of movement, or need a gentle nudge to start your homework or get your taxes organized, I can help.

First thing is to recognize WHY you’re getting hung up. Are you dreading the time it will take to complete the task? Are you unorganized and just don’t know WHERE to start? Are you bored with the process and just need a change of pace or different view? If you can notice your trigger and the reason why you can’t start, it will be easier to fix it and actually start.

There are ways to shift your mentality from blah to BAZINGA – they take some work, but they are effective and 100% worth the time and effort so you can catapult your way to success.

These are my 5 go-to actions to get my butt in gear.

  1. Just start – commit to just 5 minutes of whatever needs to get done. If after those 5 minutes you still don’t feel it, you can stop. Usually it’s the starting process that is the hardest, taking action in doing is the easy part.
  2. You know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You don’t need to make big, hefty strides at once – many times, slow and steady wins the race. So just start with the small things that makes you feel accomplished and you will be motivated to keep going.
  3. Make a ‘must get done’ list and give yourself a reward for when it’s done. Be realistic about the list (don’t put things on there like, get dressed, brush teeth, you get the point) put 4-6 achievable actions that move you in the direction you need to go and when they’re done treat yourself…. Crack open that bottle of wine, draw yourself a bath or watch that show on Netflix.
  4. Go for a walk. Did I just suggest that you do something other than what needs to be done? YES! Get out of your mind. Get moving. Get fresh air. Get your blood pumping. Just 15 minutes. Then when you’re done get to work. Don’t second guess it, just sit down and get to work with what needs to get done.
  5. Tough love pep talk. There are people with fuller plates that are making the time to move the needle. There are people with more things to do getting more done. I don’t tell myself to make me feel bad. I don’t do it so I can have a pity-party. I tell myself these hard truths because they’re true. The only one holding me back from moving forward IS ME – mic drop! End of discussion! Don’t want to hear it or put in the work? Maybe you ought to move on to plan b, because you’re not cut out for what you want to accomplish. (I can be a real bitch sometimes).

What works for you? Are you one to respond more to coddling and a gentle nudge or do you need some tough words and good push toward your goal?