don’t go it alone

Early last spring (maybe it was late winter, I can’t recall) my sister asked, ‘hey, so I’m going to this meeting tonight at the VFW for a new group, you wanna come?’… of course I agree because quite frankly, all I hear is VFW (cheap drinks) and new group (reason to consume said cheap drinks). Well, this new group she is referring to was the initial meeting that is now known as the Viking Gala committee. It is a blended group of probably a dozen or so women (men are invited as well, but let’s be honest, women get shit done) that joined forces to structure, organize and plan the inaugural event. First, we needed a purpose, a mission statement if you will, so we all were on the same page for the events expectations and end goal – if you don’t know where you’re heading, how do you get there?

The purpose of the Viking Gala is to raise funds for district-wide grant distributions. The profits generated will be available to all staff, faculty and programs of the Pelican Rapids School District 548 to apply for grants to use as they see fit to enhance the classroom experience for students.

Then the planning started. We logged monthly meetings and worked out the details for the night. We brainstormed everything…. venue, food, auction details (silent and live), games, entertainment, sponsorships, capacity, everything! The date was set // October 5, 2019 // homecoming weekend. We hit the ground running with donations and contributions from everyone we came in contact with. It is very humbling how generous small town communities are when the funds are going back into the betterment of the town (hello, children’s education, not much is more important than that).

The week of, we were allowed to get into the venue and start setting up tables and getting the lay of the land for games, auctions, etc. It was all hands on deck. Let me say that again – all. hands. on. deck! I emphasize that because if any one of us tried to pull of an event like this, it would be a huge flop. But, when you put a dozen of ball-busters gather together to conquer the same goal, big things get done! Cliche as it may be, teamwork makes the dream work…. Viking Gala is solid proof of that philosophy.

Just over $10,000 is what the event brought in after expenses were covered. (whoop – whoop)

So, next time you are stuck in a rut of needing to get something done, but not sure where to start. Or looking at the uphill climb and just can’t find the motivation. Find a partner or a friend or a group or a complete stranger that is looking at the same end goal. Everything is easier achieved with help.

After our celebratory drink the night of (and to pat ourselves for pulling off an exceptional event), we had a quick wrap up meeting to discuss the feedback we got and make notes for changes and adjustments needed next year. Here’s to an even better event in 2020!

thanks for reading! ~until next time, lana