No Response is a Response

I am prefacing this with this – “hypothetically speaking”…….

What would you do if you saw some questionable actions from a ‘leader’ of an organization? Some minor gaslighting here and there. Disregard to others input and ideas. Narcissistic behavior all around. Most small-town-Minnesota-nice people look the other way, because, well, they’re getting stuff done – they’re a volunteer on literally (more of my opinions on this in a future post). Except one brave woman said enough of this bullshit – I’m tired of watching these actions and behaviors go unnoticed. She spoke up and in doing so, learned so many people shared her views. She approached the leaders leader in hopes that a conversation would be had and something might come of it.

Except it didn’t.

Yes, a “special meeting” was had. She was called a bully. They both had to apologize.

I’ve done a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of self reflection the past handful of years. Quitting your job at 40 and trying to figure shit out will make you very aware that you, in fact, have no fucking idea what is going on. In doing the work, these are some things that I have learned. I try real hard for these thoughts to help me make decisions in my life and business.

  • Keep your head down and do the work
  • Don’t let your inner voice talk badly to you
  • If you look for the good and gratitude, you will attract more of it
  • Likewise, if you surround yourself with Debbie-Downers, you also will be a downer
  • Let go of things that aren’t in your control
  • Breath deep and let that sh!t go
  • If it isn’t a HELL YES – it’s a no

I know it’s a bit Pollyanna…. sometimes things aren’t in your control. Sometimes you have to get along with someone you but heads with. All you can do is say your peace and let things go. I try to do a daily practice to find gratitude or good in every day. In doing so, it has taught my brain to find the good. If something gets under my skin. I go outside, breath deep and clear my mind. Sometimes taking a piece of paper and writing down literally everything on my mind will help organize my thoughts. Do I wake up at night sometimes with something on my mind…. absolutely. I promise if you do the work and find the reason why its on your mind, you will ease your mind and your future self will thank you.