Welcome~Thanks for visiting!

I think it’s only appropriate that my first ‘official’ blog post is a simple introduction. I don’t know how you happen to stumble into my site on the vast world wide web, but thank you for sticking around long enough to read a bit about me and my journey.

When I quit my job in April 2019, I had a high hopes of launching my site, starting my blog and hit the ground running by June 1 (insert naive-laugh-so-hard-til-you-cry emoji here – bless my ignorant heart). Well, its now November 13 (you can see that by the handy timestamp that WordPress so dutifully inserts on blog posts) and I am writing my first article.

I am asking for some patience in this blogging journey, as I am sure it will be a rough ride in the early stages. But I am a hustler and a constant learner, so I hope to catch on fast and make it a more pleasurable experience as time goes on. I am a 40 year old graphic designer, cow chaser, car washer, concrete pourer, budding entrepreneur that is trying my hand at blogging. I need to point out that I am not doing this to make money; it is for selfish reasons rather – I want to boost my sites SEO – I am getting into the nitty-gritty of finding a writing schedule and working out the logistics of email campaign’s, so when I am launching my business (May 2020, y’all!) I can hit the ground running with some of these baby steps under my belt. I know I will make a TON of mistakes, I’m looking to make them sooner rather than later, so when my chips are in the game, I can go all in!

I also feel the need to point out that I am not a natural chit-chatter in real life. Get me in a small group with meaningful conversation, I will certainly devour that up; but large groups overwhelm me and petty gossip bores me. However, I can type like a maniac and spout my thoughts into text on a page and that is my version of fun times.

As I’m sitting in my quaint home office pecking the keyboard, I am tapping my toes to 80’s country music and sniffing my diffuser which smells like autumn in a bottle. So tell me, you’ve taken the time to read this far – what do you think? What do you want to hear about? Is this about the right length of words? Give me some feedback if you are inclined.

xo ~ lana