day one -OR- one day

Every single day is literally a new start. No matter what stage you are in your life, every single morning a fresh beginning. Trying to live a healthier life? Eat better? Workout more? Try new things? Get out of a rut? Put yourself out there? I have bad news for you – it’s not easy. It is hard to break old habits. It is hard to change routine.

wow, lana – you’re really a downer here…

Here’s the good news…. you are 100% in control of how you react to it. You can change your mindset and habits. Everyone has willpower and some make it look sooooo easy to be disciplined. But, let me tell you, they all started at the same place too. They all struggled at the beginning to turn ‘bad habits’ away and start making ‘better choices’. It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t done by making huge changes. It was done by taking baby steps. Make small steps until those steps become the new normal.

Every morning, I start the day with a page of gratitude in my #starttoday journal and a chapter or two of whatever book I am reading at the time… this week its Good to Great by Jim Collins [an oldy but goodie, definitely recommend to all business owners out there, big and small]. The chapter this morning is talking about momentum. They asked the good to great companies what was the ONE thing you did that propelled you into this prestigious category – spoiler: it wasn’t ONE thing – it was a LOT of little things that over time added up in big ways.

So, you don’t have to go balls-to-the-walls-big-changes-make-drastic-decisions-and-expect-immediate-results – YEAH! You just need to be consistent. See your future – like, really visualize it. Once you konw where you’re heading, you are in control of consciously making decisions and choices to put you just a bit closer to the end result.